2019 class registration

Six Weeks to Success Group Obedience Classes

2019 Schedule

  • Spring Puppy Obedience, Tuesday April 23rd - May 28th
  • Spring Dog Obedience, Wednesday April 24th - May 29th
  • Spring Intermediate Obedience, Thursday April 25th - May 30th
  • Spring Puppy Obedience, Saturday May 4th - June 5th

Group Obedience Class Skills


Basic Obedience Class

  • Methodology; Terminology, intentional training vs circumstantial training, house breaking, balanced dog training, food rewards, building a training plan, training equipment
  • Reward based training; marker training, delivering food, loading the reward, using engagement
  • Lures - Gestures and Training the Sit and Down
  • Three different types of heeling.
  • The basic recall.

Intermediate Obedience Class

  • “Look at me” command
  • Advanced luring
  • The hand touch
  • The place command
  • Touch pads
  • The stand
  • Contact Heeling
  • Intermediate recall drills
  • Group heeling movements