Personal, Home, and Professional protection Dog Training

We are excited to provide protection training in addition to dog obedience training and behavior modification. Any canine can be trained for obedience and behavioral changes, however not all dogs qualify for protection training. They must have the ideal temperament to learn when to guard or attack on command. An emphasis on obedience is made at each one of the levels of protection training we offer. We can evaluate your dog to determine their level of courage, drive, and temperament to see if it can work as a protection dog. If your dog does not meet the requirements, we will give you the contact information of local breeders who can provide you with working dogs or puppies.

Typically protection dogs come from a working line breed. This includes but is not limited to;

  • German Shepherds
  • Belgian Malinios
  • Dutch Shepherds
  • Rotweilers
  • Dobermans
  • Giant Schnauzers 

2019 Personal Protection Dog Course - March 2019

Next Course Starts March 2019

  • Our next Personal Protection Dog Course will start Saturday March 2nd and continue for the next 12 weeks. At the conclusion of the course you will have completed over 24 hours of training. Each team will be required to pass a minimum standard similar to the standards most states have for Police K9’s. 
  • The minimum standard includes a recall, call-off, handler protection, and basic obedience movements on and off leash at a slow, medium, and fast pace.
  • Each class will build the proper drives while emphasizing obedience. In order for you do to be successful away from training we will train in various environments such as open fields, parks, industrial areas, commercial spaces, and residences.
  • Each handler and dog is required to have completed a 6 week Basic Obedience for the Protection Dog class and possess the correct drives, or pass the basic obedience portion of the minimum standard for with the correct drives.

Levels of Protection Training we offer

Basic Protection

The Basic Protection dog training program is for the dog owner who has a dog that has the right drive and temperament, but doesn’t have a whole lot of courage. This program teaches the dog to bite when an aggressive person physically makes a move to physically attack the owner.

Advanced Protection

The Advanced Protection Dog Training program incorporates the Basic Protection Dog Training but requires a dog  with much higher drive, courage, and temperament. This program is designed to take your dog from the training field to your home. You would be able to use your dog in home as personal protection and up to the point where you could use it to search for someone who has broken into your home and then alert you to their location. Then, if necessary, bite and hold the intruder if they pose a significant threat of violence to you and your family.